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Unlock the Potential of Data Science


At Microtech, we use data science to unlock the potential of data and make decisions that drive business success. Our team of data scientists employ a wide range of technologies to help companies make better decisions, faster. From predictive analytics to machine learning algorithms, our data science solutions can help you to quickly discover patterns, uncover insights, and gain actionable intelligence.

We specialize in a variety of data science platforms

We have an extensive background modelling and tuning databases at scale. We’ll select a data persistence and retrieval mechanism that meets your business needs. Elastic has been used not only for log aggregation and SEIM (Security Information and Event Management), but also for application search and reporting purposes. We also cache in high speed memory stores such as Redis when fast, scalable reads meet your goals.

For mobile applications, we use Firebase’s real-time database for synchronization of data between hosted data and data persisted on the device.

We’re able to develop big data collection, analysis, and reporting pipelines. We’ve done real-time queue aggregations with queues like Kinesis and Kafka for real-time reporting of streaming data. We’ll model your data warehouse for you, then extract, transfer, and load (ETL) your data with tools including Apache Spark, Apache Airflow, Amazon Glue and Hadoop.

We support real-time queries of massive data sets with databases such as Redshift, Bigquery, and Hadoop.

  • Maps and Analysis
  • Structured and Unstructured Learning

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Data Visualization

  • Flood Assessment Software